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VACUUM performs an aggressive scan if the table's pg_class.relfrozenxid field has reached the age specified by this setting. An aggressive scan differs from a regular VACUUM in that it visits every page that might contain unfrozen XIDs or MXIDs, not just those that might contain dead tuples. The default is 150 million transactions. Although users can set this value anywhere from zero to two billions, VACUUM will silently limit the effective value to 95% of autovacuum_freeze_max_age, so that a periodical manual VACUUM has a chance to run before an anti-wraparound autovacuum is launched for the table. For more information see vacuum-for-wraparound.


Generally set to 80% of autovacuum_max_freeze age to preempt a full vacuum freeze. If you can schedule cron vacuums during application slow periods, it might be valuable to lower this value in order to encourage vacuum freezing of tables before they are triggered by autovacuum.